Some people emailed me asking me what’s going on with my site and projects. Here’s what’s happening:

  • because of many theme update requests from my themes’ users (yes, you), my site was generating high server load for the host, so I had to disable some features (including theme update responses) and turn on caching. And because the caching plugin I’m using is not that good at detecting new content, you may not see your post right away :)
  • while I’ve been busy with my other project, I’m still working on WP themes. A few months ago I started to refactor and rewrite some parts of the framework behind my themes. What this means for theme users: mainly faster, lighter and more extensible themes. Also themes styles are now written in lessCSS code and HTML mark-up has been optimized (less divs, existing ones replaced with more semantic elements) and many images replaced with CSS3 properties. Unfortunately all this comes with a cost: loss of any customizations you have done to the older versions trough child themes. A github repo will be up soon for Mystique, so you can follow updates easier.