Mystique 3.0

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Posted 2 years ago

So here it is – version 3.0, after almost a two year break :)

It’s still marked as a alpha release since there are a few features I didn’t have time to fully implement (not very important ones). If you’re updating from older versions, like 2.x, you should know that the theme settings will be reset to defaults, as most of them are not relevant any more in version 3.

Please report any bugs in this forum.

IND Rajesh
Posted 2 years ago

Great work Milenko, Thanks a lot. Hello, I found two bugs (Sorry) -> Short-code link
provided in Mystique Settings is not working and I checked
thumbnail option in content tab then on home-page there is only
thumbnail. No post excerpt at all. Please fix this issue. Also I
think you can implement number of times post viewed. And with
commentator country flag if possible browser and operating system
info in comments. Thanks in advance.

Posted 2 years ago

Hi, I love your theme but am having problems with the header, I
want to Replace the Header with my own Designed header and also
reduce the height to a bit, its too big for my liken.

ROM admin Administrator 524 posts
Posted 2 years ago

Hey Joe,

you can upload your own header image within the design tab, then adjust the CSS:

/* spacing above and below the site logo */
  padding:20px 0 10px 0;

/* distance from the header menu to the main content */
#header .shadow-right{
  padding-bottom: 10px;

But re-download the theme from the link above, because there was a bug in the User CSS code in the previous package.

DEU Daniel
Posted 2 years ago

Dear Milenko, i like your theme very much. But i have a big problem
with the Plugin “Contact Form 7″ Version 2.4.6 and younger Versions
(I’ve tested it down to 2.4.2). The Plugin works out fine with all
form-tags and the captcha-tag, but when i implement the data-upload
tag, the message is send (with the attachment) but the
success-notification is not displayed. The ajax-loader arrow is
still running and doesn’t stop. Do you have any idea what the
problem could be? Thank you very much. Daniel

DEU Daniel
Posted 2 years ago

One hint for the solution: a friend of mine is using Mystique 1.72 and with this Version the Plugin works out fine, no problem with the data-upload-function.

Posted 2 years ago

If at all there is big fan of Mystique theme after Rajesh Namase, its ME, thanks a lot digitalnature (Sorry Iam unaware of the real name), Please as Rajesh specified Post Views Count integrated within the theme will be a great thing since, it minuses One Plugin and If I could ask you some features (Facebook Related) with great respect to the new version:
1. If there is an option of Facebook Sprite alongside Twitter and RSS (though there is plugin for this, nothing greater than one integrated with theme)
2. As “Find us on Facebook” has become a part of almost all the websites, Integration of it with the theme’s look makes it fantastic, because one we get by default from Facebook has just two options and doesn’t really sink with the theme Style.

Again Thanks for this great Theme :-)

ROM admin Administrator 524 posts
Posted 2 years ago

@Daniel: Are you sure the problem is with Mystique, and not a conflict with another plugin that you have installed?
Because I tested CF7 here, and the form is submitted just fine. Are you using Mystique 3 ?

If you’re using FF, check the error console and see if you get any javascript errors. It helps locate the issue…

@Dilip Kumar:
Post views are already implemented, but disabled by default because on large sites recording post views (ie. updating the database each time a visitors views a page) can have an impact on performance.

If you want to enable post view count, open the functions.php file from your child theme folder (should be mystique-extend) and add:

define('ATOM_LOG_VIEWS', true);

Then use it wherever you want in the templates, for example in teaser.php (copy the original to your child theme folder):

Views: <?php echo number_format_i18n($app->post->getViews); ?>

Inside widgets, like the “Posts” widget you can output post views by using the {VIEWS} keyword in templates

IND Rajesh
Posted 2 years ago

Is it possible to show commentators operating system and browser info as like country flag.

IND Rajesh
Posted 2 years ago

One quick question: How to display breadcrumbs as like this website, really cool. I like it. It is custom one or you are using any plugin?

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks a lot Milenko :-)

DEU Daniel
Posted 2 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using Mystique 2.4.2. By changing the Version to 3.0a the Bug with Contact Form 7 seems to be fixed, but i need a solution for 2.4.2 because the Website is customized (and nearly finished) and the new theme is missing some of the features i need.
The error-console of FF is reporting:
Error: log is not defined
Sorcefile: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/themes/mystique/js/jquery.mystique.js?ver=2.4.2
Line: 21
BTW: Your Link to the Test-site is leading to a 404-Page
Thanks a lot.
Kind regards,

DEU Daniel
Posted 2 years ago

I just copied the files of the directory:
of the Mystique-Version 1.7.2 into the directory:
of the Mystique-Version 2.4.2
and now it works but i think this is a very strange way to solve the problem ;-)
Is there any possibilty to change the jquery-Version of 2.4.2?

IND TeckStore
Posted 2 years ago

Hi, I am using mystique theme on my website, but on my homepage, full articles are visible, whereas i just want to show titles only. I tried modifying the index.php file, but ended up messing all. Could you please help me with this? Also, I would like to put a slider, if you can recommend me one.

ITA Matteo
Posted 2 years ago

Wordpress say me, there is an update from 3.0-alpha to 3.0 but it can’t upgrade..