Did you just update this theme and now your site is completely messed up? Did your widgets disappear, or got all your theme customizations reset ? Then read on…

Mystique is now available in two versions:

  • a light version, without any settings or custom widgets, which most likely you already have updated to from WordPress.org, and replaces the old 2.4.x
  • the original version, which is now updated, and labeled as “3.0″. You can find this one here.

So just choose which one you need for your site and install it by following these steps:

  • de-activate the old version and delete it (yes, all your theme customizations are lost – to avoid this in the future use child themes, see the docs)
  • upload the new one ¬†trough Themes => Install themes => Upload, and activate it; do not rename the theme directory

Now to answer some of the questions people posted so far…

Why did my widgets disappear?

This is normal because the new theme replaces almost all default WP widgets with its own. So just configure the new widgets as you did the previous ones. If for some reason you need to access data from the old widgets (like a text widget in which you had a lot of text), temporarily enable the default Twenty Ten and you’ll find them in the “Inactive Widgets” area.

How do I get the tabs back?

The tab system has changed. Read this page.

My site still looks messed up :(

Simply refresh (F5). If this doesn’t fix it, de-activate all plugins and enable them back one by one to rule out a plugin conflict. If it is, open a new forum topic here and describe the issue in detail.

I still don’t like the new version, how can I downgrade?

Follow the same installation steps above, but upload the old version instead.

Any other questions? Post them in the comments…