This is another module for Atom themes that intercepts clicks for most of the internal links, opens the linked page with Javascript and replaces relevant content into the current page.

- download the module
- upload it into your child theme’s /mods/ folder, and activate it trough the theme settings

You can see a demo on the Mystique’s preview page

This will only work on browsers that support the new HTML 5 History API. That means all browsers, except Internet Explorer of course. IE users or users without javascript will navigate your site normally.

Known Issues:

  • if you have any plugins that add javascript at some point in the page, then most likely they will not work well with this, because currently the module doesn’t inject javascript from the target page.
  • back/forward is not yet implemented. I’m working on it

What’s the purpose of it? Apparently it decreases page load, by 20-40% from what I’ve seen so far…