Status updates

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Some people emailed me asking me what’s going on with my site and projects. Here’s what’s happening:

because of many theme update requests from my themes’ users (yes, you), my site was generating high server load for the host, so I had to disable some features (including theme update responses) [...]

New WordPress clone

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If you’re wondering why the WP theme development is moving on so slow, it’s because I started working on a MVC-style  WP clone application, and this is currently taking most of my time.
Why? The main reason is simply because I love WordPress, and I’m starting to feel its limits. Leaving aside the [...]

Domain change…

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Just a quick announcement: Domain name changed from to - Make sure you update your bookmarks

Translating a WordPress theme

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This is a short tutorial on how to properly translate a Wordpress theme. Mystique is used as example here. I will choose PoEdit as the translation application, since it’s the easiest to use because of the simple user interface…