Practical uses of PHP’s Reflection API

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While I’ve been working on my CM framework, I came to realize how useful PHP’s Reflection actually is during development.
So I wrote two examples: php-highlight, which displays caller source in my custom exception handler, and php-ref, which prints detailed and nicely formatted information about a [...]


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ATOM serves as the base framework for future WordPress themes I’ll be designing. Some features/Highlights of the core:

A very extensible code base
Context-aware layout selection
Extensive support for child themes (auto-creation, better template routing)
Advanced theme settings panel with live [...]

Mystique (old page)

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This is the old page for the Mystique project. The new one is here.
Mystique is a free WordPress theme that attempts to top commercial templates in terms of design and functionality. Some of its features include 4 theme widgets, page templates for different layout styles and a advanced interface [...]

Arclite (old page)

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This is the old page for the Arclite theme. The new page is here.
Another clean/light style theme. Some of its features include the ability to switch between the normal image-based design to a entirely CSS based one (without images), a few background/color variations, fluid layout, optional 3rd [...]


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A dark WordPress theme with a rustic look, grunge style. Still under development
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A free CSS template with 2 or 3 columns (right sidebar), and fixed or fluid width. Currently the WordPress and Pligg themes are available, but I’m also planning to port this to Drupal when I find the time.
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