Allows you to get posts (ie. make a loop) and format them either using your own HTML, or a predefined template. Supports the same arguments as the WP Query class + a few others.


[query argument1="value" argument2="value" ... template="teaser"][/query]


[query argument1="value" argument2="value" ...]
  <!-- Your own HTML template -->

Valid arguments

Other valid arguments, besides the ones from WP_Query are:


If present, forces output trough the theme template you specify, for example teaser (teaser.php).


Limit the content to this number of words (only relevant if {CONTENT} is used); defaults to 40 words


Sets the thumbnail size for {THUMBNAIL}


Set the date mode for {DATE}. Can be “relative” or a date format string


Get only posts that are marked as “featured” in the dashboard

Valid Atom keywords


Post permalink.


Title of the post.


Name of the post’s author


URL to the author’s posts page (Author archive).


Post date.


Thumbnail image.


Tags, comma-separated


Categories, comma-separated


Number of comments that the post has.


Index of the current post (item number in the list)


This example demonstrates custom formatting trough the editor.

Back – end (editor):

HTML preview:

[query posts_per_page=5 orderby="comment_count" order="DESC" content_limit="20"]
    <h2><a href="{URL}">{TITLE}</a></h2>
    <p><strong>({COMMENT_COUNT} comments)</strong></p>

Result (Front – end):